In 2014 the centenary of the outbreak of World War One, Cumnock History Group began researching the names on the War Memorial plus other men and women with Cumnock connections mentioned on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission or in the Cumnock Chronicle of the time. The research is not limited to those who died but also to men and women who served, using family history information.

The group would like to appeal to individuals with knowledge of family members for photographs of the soldier, either in uniform or not, and photos of medals or other memorabilia eg letters sent home from the Front. If you would be prepared to share these on this site, please email the web manager cumnockhistory [at] The group is willing to share any copies of documents found with the soldier's descendants.

Wednesday, 21 February 2024

The War Memorial

The War Memorial (pictured to the right) is in the New Cemetery in Glaisnock Street. It was unveiled  by Lt-Col Archibald McInnes Shaw of Ballochmyle on Saturday 25th June 1921. It is a column of white granite topped with a stylised crown and sphere on an octagonal base bearing bronze plaques with the names of 117 men associated with Cumnock. Is your ancestor among them? Get in touch with your memories.

The names are organised first by rank,  then alphabetically.
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Scroll over names to find information. Names are being added as they are discovered.
Lieut. Edward Knight, R.S.F.
Lieut. A.J.B. Milne, Gordons

Lieut. William McNaughton, R.S.F.

P.O. James Young, R.N.
C.S.M.Robert W. Brown, A.I.Y.

C.S.M. Robert Orr M.M. & Bar R.S.F.
Sergt. Robert Baird M.M. R.S. 

Sergt. George Burns, A.&.S.H. 

Sergt. Robert Gilmour, R.S.F.

Sergt. James B. Johnstone, Camerons
Sergt. John Nicol, Seaforths
Sergt. William McCaa, R.F.A.

Corpl. John Black, R.S.F.
Corpl. Hugh Brogan, R.S.F.

Corpl. James Lennox, R.S.F.

Corpl. John McKinnon M.M. R.E.
Corpl. George Neil, H.L.I.


Corpl. William Twigg, R.S.F.
L.Cpl. John Logan, R.S.F.
L. Cpl. John Henderson, R.S.
L.Cpl. John McRobert, K.O.S.B.

Bombr. George Kirkland, R.F.A. 

Tpr. Samuel Guthrie, L.I.Y. 

Tpr. William Kyle, A.I.Y. 

Tpr. Angus McDonald, A.I.Y. 

Tpr. Andrew Sloan, A.I.Y.
Tpr. James S. Wilson, A.I.Y.

Tpr. William Findlay, A.I.Y.

Gnr. Robert Menhams, R.F.A. 

Gnr. Robert M. Munn, C.F.A.

Dvr. James McPhee, R.A.M.C.

Dvr. William Parker, R.F.A.

Pte. Charles Baird, R.S.F.
Pte. Adam Barr, R.S.F.


Pte. Johnston C. Barrowman, Sherwd. Fors.
Pte.George Bradford, R.S.F.
Pte. John Broadfoot, R.S.F.

Pte. Thomas Campbell, R.S.F.
Pte. Andrew Cochrane, H.L.I.

Pte. Maitland Crolley, Camerons
Pte. David Davidson, R.S.F. 

Pte. Thomas Davidson, R.S.F. 

Pte. Richard Davidson, Canadians    
Pte. Robert Davidson, R.S.F.
Pte. James Docherty, Seaforths
Pte. James Donaldson, H.L.I.

Pte. William Dunsmuir, H.L.I.

Pte. Andrew Easton, R.S.F.

Pte. Charles Ferguson, R.S.F.

Pte. Duncan C Ferguson, R.S.F 

Pte. Hugh Findlay, Gordons


Pte. William Gibson, R.S.F.
Pte. Thomas Gilchrist, R.S.F
Pte. John Graham, H.L.I.
Pte. Peter M. Gracie, R.S.

Pte. George Grier, R.S.F. 

Pte. Robert S. Guthrie, H.L.I. 

Pte. James Haley, Seaforths

Pte. Gilbert Hamilton, Camerons

Pte. Hugh Hamilton, Camerons

Pte. John Hamilton, R.S.F 

Pte. James Harkness, H.L.I. 

Pte. Thomas Hewitson, H.L.I.

Pte. Alexander Hodge M.M. R.A.M.C. 

Pte. Edward Hogg, R.S.F.

Pte. Robert C. Hogg, Londn.Scotsh

Pte. Thomas Huggart, R.S.F.
Pte. James Hunter, R.S.F.

Pte. Andrew Hutson, N.Z.I.E.F.

Pte. Robert Hyslop, R.S.F.

Pte. Thomas Keenan, K.O.S.B. (should be KENNAN)

Pte. Hugh B. Kennedy, R.S.F. 

Pte. Samuel Kinnaird, K.O.S.B.

Pte. John Kirkpatrick, Northum.Fus.

Pte. William Kirkpatrick, Seaforths

Pte. Arthur Laing, R.S.F.
Pte John Laing R.S.

Pte. William Lamont, R.S.F. 

Pte. John Malcolm, Camerons
Pte. Andrew Malcolmson, R.S.F. 

Pte. Charles Morackas, R.S.F. 

Pte. James Meldrum, R.S.F. 

Pte. John Miller, Black Watch

Pte. Hugh Morrison, R.S.F.
Spr. George Muirhead, R.E.


Pte. William McCall, Camerons
Pte. John McGarey, R.S.F.

Pte. John McGill, Scots Guards

Pte. Thomas McLean, R.S.

Pte. Thomas McLean, S.R.  

Pte. William McLean, R.S.F.

Pte. James McMillan, R.S.F.

Pte. James Neil, Gordon Highlanders 

Pte. David M. Niven, S.R.

Pte. Hugh Park, D.C.M. Seaforths 

Pte. John Parker, R.S.F.

Pte. William Rutherford, R.S.F.
Pte. Thomas Sinnet, K.O.S.B.  (should be SINNIT?)

Pte. James R.L. Sharpe, R.S.F. 

Pte. Michael Shirkie, Camerons

Pte. David A.G. Skillen, H.L.I. (should be SKILLING)


Pte. George M. Smith, R.S.F.
Pte. John M. Smith, H.L.I.

Pte. Joseph Smith, R.S.F.

Pte. John Steel, A.I.E.F.
Pte. William Stewart, R.S.F. 

Pte. Richard Stewart, R.S.F.

Pte. Samuel Stewart, R.S.F.
Pte. Samuel S Stewart, R.S.F.
Pte. John Stillie, R.S.F. 

Pte. Daniel Sweeney, Seaforths

Pte. John Taylor, Camerons

Pte. Mitchell Taylor, Can.Camerons
Pte. James Welsh, R.S. (= Pte. James Walsh, R.S.F)

Pte. William White, R.S.

Pte. Alex. White, Northum.Fus.

Pte. Andrew Wilson, R.M.F.

There are some others I have come across who are not on the Memorial
Nurse Agnes Kerr Earl, SWH, Cross of Serbia
Pte. Samuel Shields R.S.
Pte. James Hill Stewart R.S.F
Lieut. James Hyslop R.E.
Pte. David Chalmers Fraser C.A.M.C.
E.R.A. James Carruthers, R.N. 
Pte. John Flannery, Black Watch 
Pte. William Wright, Cameron Highlanders
Pte. Aaron Dickens, H.L.I. 
Spr David Bryce, R.E. 
Pte. John McKim, H.L.I. 
Cpl Andrew Cairney R.S.F.
Pte. Dennis Cairney R.S.F.
Pte. Hugh Cairney R.S.F.
L/Cpl James Begg R.S.F. 
Pte William Andrew Torrance C.A.M.C. 
Pte. Hugh Williamson, Cameron Highlanders
Cpl. Abraham Yates R.S.
Pte. William Curragh Rodger R.S.F. 
Pte. George Rowan, Gordon Highlanders 
Pte Daniel Marrs DCM C.A.M.C.
Duncan McEwan Canadians
William McEwan Canadians
John Martin Scots Guards
Pte John Mair, H.L.I. 
Pte James Scott R.S.F. 
Major Montagu Irving Mitchell Campbell, M.C., Connaught Rangers
Bandsman John Hill R.S.F.
Thomas "Nicol" Campbell R.S.F. 
Sergeant Thomas Armstrong C.E.F. 
Sergeant John Glencross, Black Watch
2nd Lt Alex Glencross, Black Watch 
Pte William McBride, R.S.F.
Sgt. William Montgomery A.S.H.
Pte Campbell Tanner H.L.I.
AB James G Hastings, RN volunteer reserve
Pte. George Haig, Lanarkshire Yeomanry
Quartermaster Sergeant Robert Alexander A.S.C
Pte. William M.C. Alexander
Pte James Rollie, Northumberland Fusiliers
Pte Colin McIntyre RSF
Pte John Duncan CEF

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